The aim of CVCA Awards is to recognize achievements in the sector of private equity and venture capital. Fund managers, advisors, banks, and law firms, they all help the companies within the region to grow thanks to the resources of PE and VC investors.

CVCA members nominated their candidates. The panel of independent judges selected three finalists in each category. CVCA members voted online for the winners until June, 2021.

The winners were announced on June 23, 2021 at 6.30 p.m., at CVCA Awards Ceremony at Grand Mark.

The CVCA Awards are organized by The Czech Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (CVCA), which brings together venture capital and private equity funds, financial institutions, and private equity service providers in the Czech Republic. CVCA was established in 1995 with the aim of developing and supporting PE/VC sectors and representing their interests in cooperation with Czech and European authorities.

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Diagnosticni Center Bled (ARX Equity Partners)

DC Bled is the largest private healthcare service operator in Slovenia providing comprehensive outpatient and inpatient medical services and laboratory diagnostics in four locations. ARX sold DC Bled in 2020 to a joint venture involving Sava Re and Triglav, two of Slovenia’s largest insurance companies generating an overall 3.6x cash-on-cash return multiple and an IRR exceeding 25%.  

MSV Studénka (Jet Investment)

Jet Investment’s eight-year tenure as the owner had come to fruition in the successful sale of MSV Metal Studénka to MORAVIA STEEL group. The insolvent company, which Jet entered in 2013, has become a market leader with a perfect reputation, be it in quality, reliability or the ability to develop new products. The group’s revenues increased from CZK 706 million to CZK 1.3 billion, EBITDA from approximately CZK 96 to 200 million.

UiPath (Credo Ventures)

UiPath represents startups focused on AI and robotic process automation. UiPath uses AI and low-code tools to help large corporations and government agencies automate repetitive and routine tasks in areas such as accounting and human resources. Started in 2005 in Romania by former Microsoft executive Daniel Dines, UiPath recorded a surge in demand for its services during the COVID-19 pandemic from businesses shifting to remote working and digitalizing workflows. Credo Ventures partially exited the firm in 2019 and 2020.


DOT Glasses (Tilia Impact Ventures, Nation 1)

DOT GLASSES project has brought a radical new concept for prescription eyeglasses. The DOT Glasses solution provides a standardized set of lens powers combined with the one-size-fits-all frames. Solution needed by more than 1 billion people around the globe. People whose glasses would significantly improve their lives but do not have access to them due to affordability or geography. The price of the glasses is less than $ 3 thanks to the simplification of distribution channels, a substantial reduction in the inventory needed for distribution, the immediate issuance of glasses after the examination and the vision measurement system without the need for a qualified eye doctor.

CYRKL (Tilia Impact Ventures)

Cyrkl is an international company whose main mission is to bring the principles of circular economics to waste management with the help of innovative technologies, data analysis and machine learning. On a digital waste platform, it has already helped more than three thousand companies turn waste into source − to connect the waste producer with a customer who can reuse it. Cyrkl has already saved more than 52,000 tons of material from the journey to the landfill and 155,000 tons of CO2 from the journey to the atmosphere. Digital waste platform is already used by companies such as Ikea, Kauflad, Siemens or Škoda Auto. 

Snuggs (Nation 1)

Snuggs has created a line of period-absorbent underwear that look like regular underwear. It has highly absorbing  and leak-proof nanotechnology membranes and replaces period pads and tampons.

Snuggs products are ethically manufactured in the Czech Republic and have a positive environmental impact on society. In 2020, Snuggs were used by more than 40,000 women. Snuggs aims to be the first to break into EU markets and to become number one in Europe over the next four years and then enter the global market.


 ARX Equity Partners

With more than € 300 million raised in four funds, ARX has become a leading private equity firm in its segment operating in the CEE region. Deals completed within last few years:

Diagnosticni Center Bled, TES Vsetín a Fenestra Wieden.  


Credo Ventures

Leading venture capital fund focused on investments to internet, IT and AI statups. Credo Ventures currently operates three funds. Significant deals: UiPath, Apiary, Productboard, Displate, Deepnote, GoodVision, Gamee a Cera.


Inven Capital

Venture capital fund investing in cleantech and new energy sectors. Backed by ČEZ, a.s., and European Investment Bank and having approx. € 240 million at their disposal. Significant deals: CyberX, Cosmo Tech, Eliq a Zolar. 


Ondřej Bartoš (Credo Ventures)

Ondřej has been one of the pioneers of the Czech venture capital market. Currently, he is focused on investments in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, he also looks at Bulgaria. His main passion is finding outstanding founders and great talent, and helping them with guidance and advice. He has been helping UiPath to enter NYSE, as well as currently less known projects as Productboard or Kindest.

Silke Horák (Tilia Impact Ventures)

Silke is a private investor and co-owner of Albatros Media. In the past, she was holding positions in private equity funds and heading CVCA. She founded the Albatros foundation and co-founded the Foundation for support of independent journalism. Silke has ten years of experience in the social enterprise sector.


Jan Tauber (Genesis)

Jan founded Genesis Capital in 1999 and under his management, Genesis Capital became one of the most important and most active regional PE fund managers. He has completed more than sixty deals, AB Facility, ESB and AZ Klima being the most successful ones.



The Czech advisory firm operates in the field of corporate finance. It focuses on M&A transactions and provides corporate finance advisory services. Thanks to the exclusive partnership with global investment bank Rothschild & Co. combines extensive knowledge of the domestic market with the international, sector and product experience of Rothschild & Co.

Deloitte Advisory

Transaction and financial advisory services provider. They help their clients solve crucial business issues, such as strategic decision-making in acquisitions, sales or business re-organisations, including valuations, tax structuring and due diligence. As part of transactions, they provide comprehensive financial, corporate, legal and tax advisory services. Their clients include multinational, local and family businesses as well as their owners, private investors, private equity and venture capital funds, insolvency trustees and financial institutions.


Law firm providing a comprehensive range of legal advisory services related to transactions and businesses of commercial companies. JŠK operates in the field of private equity, venture capital, real estate and insurance. JŠK is a member of a unique network of commercial law firms called PONTES, which includes law firms from most of the Central and Eastern European countries. 

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